Saturday, January 9, 2016

Update on Billy

On Friday, January 8, Marcy and I visited the elephants at the Los Angeles Zoo. We were able to see Tina and Jewel on the side of the exhibit where I  have only seen Billy on my past visits. As always, Billy was separated from the females on the other side of the exhibit. Apparently, during the course of the day, they are moved around to the different parts of the enclosure. Billy was engaged in his exercise regime, going back and forth across the exhibit to staff members behind fences offering treats. He seemed a little bit more lively then the last time I saw him. I think this may be due to the fact that he appeared to be in musth -  he had dark stains on his temporal lobes, and dark stains on the inside of his hind legs, I think from dribbling urine.

Billy is an absolutely beautiful elephant in the prime of his life, wasting away in captivity.

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