Monday, December 28, 2015

Billy the Elephant

Billy is a male Asian Elephant born in 1985 to a wild herd in Malaysia. Tragically, he was kidnapped from his family and acquired by the Los Angeles Zoo in 1989, where he has since lived in isolation. He has been denied both the environment and society necessary for his physical and psychological well-being. In no way does Billy's current existence behind bars mirror how his counterparts live in the wild.

As a result of his isolation and lack of space, Billy stands for hours in a corner of his enclosure, as far from zoo visitors as he can get, swaying and bobbing his head. According to Dr. Gay Bradshaw and Dr. Lori Marino: "Billy's head bobbing is consistent with severe mental and emotional distress documented in caged animals and imprisoned humans." (

For more information on Billy's condition, and the background of my campaign to Free Billy, please see the interview in Psychology Today at 
And to join in the campaign to Free Billy, please sign the petition at:
Together we can make a difference for Billy and take a stand against captivity for all animals.

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